Best Door Access Control Systems in Philadelphia

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access control system philadelphiaAs new access control technologies evolve, they continue to deliver improvements in cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and performance. The potential applications expand far beyond the initial deployment. Networked and software-based solutions have a significant impact on the increasing role of access control systems on your overall security system design.

A bonus is the enhanced functionality and features that make it possible for integrators and dealers to provide end-user customers with advanced systems that contribute to operational goals and improve security while fitting into tight budgets that are commonplace among organizations. In the last several years, there has been a lot of growth in the capability and widespread use of access control systems, and new trends continue to impact the evolution of access control systems.

Security Control Systems in NJ

The evolving technology of current and future security systems is contributing to emerging analytics that further the ability to be proactive rather than reactive. Integrated systems provide the ability to use a single control platform when monitoring the state of a location or facility and include:access control system wilmington de

  • Building control
  • Elevator control
  • Badging
  • Photo-imaging
  • Alarms
  • Time and attendance
  • Visitor management
  • Video surveillance

As systems mature, processing and analyzing a vast amount of generated data with powerful software becomes a reality.


Software-based controllers excel in their ability to allow users to protect both previous and future access control investments. They are backward compatible, and these access control systems are a key component of best-of-breed systems and make it easier to bring uniformity to both existing and new installations.

As technology becomes more robust and plays a more significant role in operations and security, longer useful lifecycles for existing and new solutions now coexist. That is the reason it is critical for new and existing systems to be backward compatible.

Entrance Gate Security

door access control system njA manufacturer in Philadelphia needed tighter control of the parking lot entrance access area due to property damage and theft of inventory. The plant, located on a busy Philadelphia township road, needed fencing that closed in the driveway and allowed gated access control. The business owner wanted to install video surveillance around the entrance area so that movement after hours triggered an alarm and video automatically recorded the motion.

Being able to view the gate remotely and view recorded motion from any web browser or smartphone was another feature the owner needed built into the system. Our commercial access control systems now include perimeter fencing that supports a sliding gate and an access control system with video surveillance monitoring so that the needs of the Philadelphia business owner were fully met.

And now, there are now cloud-based systems that allow the installer to bypass the customer’s network and expedite the process of installation. Remote control and system management via a device with web browser access are standard.

Others in need of commercial access control systems are gated communities that have guard stations or swinging or sliding gates, and of course parking garage traffic barriers. The security control systems are sometimes card access control systems, intercoms, visor remotes, key fobs, or keypads. They keep the premises flexible, safe and operational.

Radio Frequency Identification

In NJ, radio frequency identification is part of everyday security control systems for parking lots and parking garages. The ID has a transponder or tag with an identification number that ties to the software for authorizing an access control system.

Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE are cities that use radio frequency technology. Like New Jersey, they use commercial access control systems that incorporate radio frequency technology. It is available throughout the U.S. The average person likely uses the technology without realizing it.

For about 20 years now, NJ car manufacturers make keys with radio frequency ID chips. It is part of the door access control system that unlocks the vehicle with a fob. The fobs enhance security control systems. Only a known key starts the car.

The technology also keeps particular rooms or other controlled areas secure. Employees can use card access control systems that permit access only to the areas for which the users are qualified. The door access control system allows only those authorized to enter certain rooms or wings and prevents theft and an unqualified staff member from making a preventable mistake.

Access Control Systems in Wilmington, DE

security control systems njNearly all security control systems use security cameras in NJ. Universities, local authorities, and housing associations in Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, and New Jersey use cameras as part of their security control system. Nationwide store chains, churches, and farmers use them as well.

Sometimes security control systems that include security cameras fall short of the desired results. The usual problems are

  • Lack of scalability
  • Video storage
  • Limited or no access to video viewing
  • Poor picture quality

Ways to improve the quality include converting analog camera signals to digital imaging and using IP video cameras in crucial areas. These cameras show more details and provide a wider viewing area. Business owners should consider replacing DVR systems with Video Management Software or Network Video Recorders as well as integrating the surveillance system with other security control systems such as an access control system. And of course, we typically recommend card access control systems or a door access control system as part of the overall security system design.

Small Business Security Systems

Energy savings, business intelligence, and security systems in Wilmington, DE are as important to small businesses as they are to large corporations. A reliable access control system, video surveillance, and alarm system works together to monitor and protect employees and reduce loss.

Here are examples of approaches taken by small businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, DE. In Wilmington, DE, a small company uses a door access control system with card access control systems that meet their security needs. Their access control system is a customized system with integrated access control cards and CCTV/DVR video surveillance in a web-enabled environment. By the way, in Wilmington, DE, all entities that own or lease an alarm system obtain a permit that allows them to operate in Wilmington, DE. The licenses provide police with the necessary information in case of a security breach.

A Philadelphia business secures its facilities by having a state-of-the-art access control system designed and installed by experts. Included in the system is a door access control system that allows access to a building by typing in a keypad code or using an ID badge. It keeps people out of buildings after hours and limits access areas. Each employee has specific access to areas for which they have permission.

Like Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE, a small business in NJ has a system that meets their security needs. This system offers an environment that is safer and more controllable. The NJ system can use fingerprint door locks, keypad door locks, card access systems, or fob entry systems.

These systems are part of the NJ comprehensive security systems. They track and control entry with the use of card readers and gate-controlled access. Businesses in municipalities in NJ receive the full benefits of a security system when registered with the police. It is a joint effort between public safety responders and efficient alarm companies.