Parking and Security Systems: Summer Newsletter

Attendance on Demand (AOD) is an automated, hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides easy tracking, scheduling, and updating of employee time and labor via any PC connected to the web, including remotely via smartphone or tablet. The flexibility in software and ease it delivers to payroll/HR and department heads is a game changer. The AOD platform features user-friendly dashboards customizable by your business and HR/Payroll staff. Employee time and management adjustments are captured instantly via dynamic time cards. [Continue reading…]

Philly Skyline 2

City Security Technology Gets Smart

Security cameras and surveillance systems have been around for decades, but the technology behind the hardware has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days of analog cameras feeding racks of looping VHS tape machines whirring away in the security office. The clarity and efficiency of digital imagery, not to mention practically unlimited storage capacity, has relegated tape based systems to the technology trash heap. [Continue reading…]

Cloud Security Screens

Video Plus Data Equals Better Security

In the last decade or so, video surveillance has become a ubiquitous tool in security systems across an enormous array of markets. Networked security cameras are deployed by municipalities, in public spaces, and throughout businesses and organizations ranging from hospitals and churches to manufacturing, retail and corporate offices. Of course, the most obvious benefits of surveillance systems are that they create a deterrent to criminal activity and that they help to identify perpetrators once an act has been committed. [Continue reading…]

Parking Gate Safety- How to be Compliant with Safety Laws

Parking gate access control systems increase security for many businesses but as a byproduct of moving mechanical parts, people can get hurt and vehicles get damaged. in most instances, the gate system has not malfunctioned and a more likely cause can be vehicles that tailgate too closely or someone riding a bike behind a car that has crossed the “closing” loop. Signage to warn pedestrians and investing in a quality gate system will help to reduce the risk, but you really need a properly designed system with safety devices that are specified in the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) 325 rules. [Continue reading…]

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