Winter 2024 Newsletter: LED Lighted Parking Barrier Gate Arms

Our latest newsletter features articles on LED Lighted Parking Barrier Gate Arms, Customer Spotlight, New Employees and more. LED lights on parking barrier arms will make your entrances stand out and look good. These lights also serve as a valuable protection to both people and property by grabbing attention at night, especially when the ambient lighting available isn’t very good. Click here.


Winter/Spring 2023 Newsletter: 2023 Security & Parking Industry update on what’s new…or starting to get old now!

Our latest newsletter features articles on Access Control, Parking Control, Video Surveillance plus links to educational videos, our new customer spotlight and much more. Read the full newsletter: Click here.


IMPI Parking Conference

Summer 2022 Newsletter: Data and Tech Dominate Conversations at the IMPI Parking Conference

After attending the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) conference in New Orleans this summer, we thought we might share some key takeaways from the event that will shape the industry over the next few years. It was no surprise that new developments in technology and data were on every attendee’s mind, especially given the focus on app based and contactless transactions over the last few years. Both end users and suppliers are looking for technology-based innovations and cloud driven solutions. There is no appetite for simply going back to the way things were, pre Covid. Read this article plus much more! Click here.


Cargo Ship

Winter 2022 Newsletter: Covid/Economy-Security Industry Effected by Price Increases and Parts Shortages

Mercury (Controller panels) and HID (iClass Cards) are just two of the major manufacturers facing supply shortages and reduction in their production output over the past year. Lack of components needed to build and workforce shortages are reasons behind production delays. Product delays have ranged from an extra week to up to a couple of months over normal lead times. The good news is both manufacturers mentioned have recently stated that they anticipate better delivery times during the 2nd quarter of 2022. Until we get there, what can be done proactively? Read this article plus much more! Click here.


Summer 2021 Newsletter: i2 Security Solutions Now Offers Intrusion Systems and 24/7 Monitoring Service

Fully integrated physical security systems can provide excellent protection for businesses’ most vulnerable assets. However, most businesses don’t employ someone to monitor these systems after closing hours, or on the weekend. Our intrusion monitoring systems can be installed and configured to set off alerts if a window is broken, if there is movement in a secured area without valid entry, or there is a suspicious vehicle outside of the building after hours.
Read this article plus much more! Click here.


Contactless parking systems

Winter 2021 Newsletter: Parking Gate Systems Moving Toward Contactless

When you think of your experiences with paid for parking, you’re likely to envision a booth with an attendant inside that collects cash or credit card and you are on your way. COVID-19 is changing the way we think about things that we touch or hold in our everyday experiences. We’ve become accustomed to sanitizing our hands after we share things and a typical parking transaction sometimes involves sharing a parking ticket, cash and/or receipts, as well as touching buttons.
Read this article plus much more! Click here.


Summer 2020 Newsletter: COVID-19 Updates

i2 Security Solutions is fortunate to provide an essential service for our customers, as defined by the Governor’s office listing of life sustaining businesses. We’ve remained open during the pandemic to support our customers who also operate life sustaining businesses and organizations. Although the state of Pennsylvania has lifted the most stringent restrictions, we will continue to operate safely and always consider the safety of our employees and customers. Read the important health guidelines that we continue to follow. Plus much more!


Assa Abloy Mobile Innovation Showroom

i2 Security Solutions Brings the Assa Abloy Mobile Innovation Showroom to a Local School District

i2 Security Solutions Brings the Assa Abloy Mobile Innovation Showroom to a Local School District. One of our local K-12 School District customers is in the design phase of building a new school in their district. The ASSA ABLOY Education Solutions Showroom offers an overview of applications that answer the needs of a range of buildings; from a single-building K-12 school to the challenges posed by a town-sized college or university campus. Learn more…


Winter 2019 Newsletter: The word is out, and the top 2020 video surveillance industry trend is…

According to IPVM, the world’s leading information source for security professionals, it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)/video analytics. IPVM takes a poll of security system integrators each year and over half the respondents chose video analytics as the number one trend.There is no real surprise here as video analytics has been the top choice the past few years. What Are Video Analytics? Continue reading…


Visitor Badge

Summer 2019 Newsletter: Employee and Visitor ID Badges

While planning a business’ security measures, many owners or managers carefully map out which doors they want locked down or where they’d like video cameras installed. However, they often fail to spend any time or properly budget for another critical component of building security.

Employee and visitor identification (badge) systems should be an integral component of your company’s security plan. Most access control systems have built-in capabilities for designing and printing employee badges. Mobile devices, such as iPads, can be used for visitor check in by scanning driver’s licenses for badge creation. Continue Reading…


Access Control

Mobile Credentialing-Cell Phone Access Control Readers: Winter Newsletter

Using your cell phone to enter parking areas or unlock doors sounds like a cool thing but what if you forget your cell phone? REALLY? When did that last happen? You’re more likely to forget your wallet or access card than your phone! However, does a cool thing equate to a smarter, cost effective alternative to traditional access card or lock and key? In a word….YES. Most major security industry manufacturers are in a race to produce the best non proprietary mobile readers that can work with existing badges (optional) and today’s mobile devices. The demand is strong to implement mobile readers and avoid the loss of access cards or re keying. [Continue reading…]



Parking and Security Systems: Summer Newsletter

Attendance on Demand (AOD) is an automated, hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides easy tracking, scheduling, and updating of employee time and labor via any PC connected to the web, including remotely via smartphone or tablet. The flexibility in software and ease it delivers to payroll/HR and department heads is a game changer. The AOD platform features user-friendly dashboards customizable by your business and HR/Payroll staff. Employee time and management adjustments are captured instantly via dynamic time cards. [Continue reading…]


Philly Skyline 2

City Security Technology Gets Smart

Security cameras and surveillance systems have been around for decades, but the technology behind the hardware has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days of analog cameras feeding racks of looping VHS tape machines whirring away in the security office. The clarity and efficiency of digital imagery, not to mention practically unlimited storage capacity, has relegated tape based systems to the technology trash heap. [Continue reading…]


Cloud Security Screens

Video Plus Data Equals Better Security

In the last decade or so, video surveillance has become a ubiquitous tool in security systems across an enormous array of markets. Networked security cameras are deployed by municipalities, in public spaces, and throughout businesses and organizations ranging from hospitals and churches to manufacturing, retail and corporate offices. Of course, the most obvious benefits of surveillance systems are that they create a deterrent to criminal activity and that they help to identify perpetrators once an act has been committed. [Continue reading…]


Slide Gate Layout Options

Parking Gate Safety- How to be Compliant with Safety Laws

Parking gate access control systems increase security for many businesses but as a byproduct of moving mechanical parts, people can get hurt and vehicles get damaged. in most instances, the gate system has not malfunctioned and a more likely cause can be vehicles that tailgate too closely or someone riding a bike behind a car that has crossed the “closing” loop. Signage to warn pedestrians and investing in a quality gate system will help to reduce the risk, but you really need a properly designed system with safety devices that are specified in the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) 325 rules. [Continue reading…]


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