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Attendance Enterprise

Licensed Software Attendance Enterprise Overview

Attendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting.

  • Stay informed with real-time dashboards of essential labor information
  • Identify attendance exceptions such as tardiness and absenteeism and take action quickly
  • Eliminate unapproved overtime
  • Automate time off requests and approvals
  • Correct and approve employee time cards quickly
  • Empower employees and minimize inquiries to HR with Employee Self Service
  • Cut payroll costs by automating complex payroll policies

Benefit Accruals automate the calculation, validation, and granting of accrued leave time.

  • Improve compliance with corporate policies
  • Comply with FMLA regulation and mandated leave policies
  • Meet union mandates

Payroll Interfaces

  • Attendance Enterprise integrates easily with a range of payroll services, as well as with HR systems.
  • Employee information, hours worked, overtime, tardy and much more can be exchanged to support virtually any payroll provider.
Attendance On Demand

Attendance On Demand- Web Hosted Software As a Service (SAAS)

Attendance on Demand is a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution that fully automates employee time and labor tracking and scheduling and allows for access to the program by payroll/HR and department heads via any web browser.

  • Dashboards customized for your organization and users.
  • Dynamic time cards instantly capture employee time and management adjustments.
  • Drill-down summary sheets provide summary labor and employee exception information.
  • Scheduling includes automatic schedules and easy-to-use editing.
  • Extensive data filtering.
  • Online reporting.
  • Extensive pay rules for complex policies and compliance.
  • Payroll & HR integration shares information with your payroll and HR.
  • Learning Centers

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