Parking Barrier Gates, Swing & Slide Gates

i2 Security sells and installs Swing & Slide gates and parking barrier gates for secured parking entrances. Automatic gates can be tied into your buildings access control system.

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Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCs)

We provide revenue collection terminals for parking entrance/exit lanes and centralized pay on foot stations. These automated pay stations work in any controlled parking infrastructure and allow for collecting cash or credit card payments.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID Hands-free access increases tag read range and speed throughput in controlled parking areas.

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Security Systems

Security system solutions can be integrated to provide an added layer of protection and allow a business to manage people and process in real time, and more efficiently.

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Video Surveillance

Professionally installed surveillance cameras can be an effective deterrent to theft, assault, and vandalism. CCTV cameras never sleep or take time off!

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Access Control

Replace “lock and key” with “lock and access card” and start managing your building’s access control from your PC or mobile device. Stop changing locks when you change employees and enjoy the increased security of automated lock/unlock scheduling and access rights for employees.

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Employee ID & Visitor Management Systems

Track employees and visitors in your building or property with photo Identification (ID) badges. Badges are easy to make and print yourself.

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Time & Attendance

Automate the front end to your payroll process by calculating employee hours worked. Track and report on employee exceptions (tardy, overtime, etc.) and benefits like vacation and PTO time.

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Intrusion Detection & 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Intrusion systems allow a business to apply sensors to doors, windows and other building entry access points and then be alerted if there is a breach. 24/7  monitoring allows for peace of mind through proactive notification when an event occurs

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From System Design to Maintenance and Monitoring.

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We provide standard one year warranty on all installed products and have multiple extended maintenance plan coverages for you to choose from that include 24/7/365, Preventative Maintenance and Labor only contracts

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