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Over 500 security systems installed in the tri-state area including industrial & commercial applications and clients.

While video surveillance has always been an essential piece for a complete security system and implemented in businesses hoping to protect people and property, often the desired result falls short. Poor picture clarity, no or limited access to video viewing, video storage and lack of scalability are the usual culprits.

Four ways to improve on video quality:

  • If you currently have analog cameras installed and you’re getting poor picture clarity, we can use video encoders to convert analog camera signals to digital images for a better view, accessibility (on your network and on mobile devices) and more & improved video storage capability. In most cases your existing cabling can be used, keeping cost down.
  • Add on to your system with IP video cameras in critical areas. Today’s HD high megapixel cameras show much more detail and for a wider viewing area than their analog counterparts.
  • Replace your existing DVR’s with Network Video Recorders (NVR) or Video Management Software (VMS). Most NVR’s and VMS can accept signals from analog and IP cameras and you can add cameras to your system without having to purchase boxes (DVR’s) that cost thousands of dollars and are limited to a specific number of cameras.
  • Integrate your video surveillance system with other important building security systems like access control, employee Identification and alarm monitoring. If your business isn’t broken into and a robbery has occurred, consider how many places you have to go within your current systems to get information on what areas were accessed and by whom and to see video generated and any associated alarms.

You Should Trust Your Video Surveillance Providor

Our staff has the experience and proper electrical and manufacturer certifications to ensure that you will be satisfied with your new system from installation and through ongoing support. Our services team brings over 10 years on average of industry experience per technician. 

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Security in the Cloud

The Brivo OnAir products connect building access control and video surveillance in the cloud. You’ll have access to your building security systems from work, home or while mobile.

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From System Design to Maintenance and Monitoring.

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We provide standard one year warranty on all installed products and have multiple extended maintenance plan coverages for you to choose from that include 24/7/365, Preventative Maintenance and Labor only contracts

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