How To Find A Commercial Or Business Security System

When you are looking for a commercial security system in Wilmington, DE, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, you can find business security solutions that save you time and money if you know what you are looking for. Different systems are suited to different buildings, and there are a few tips below that will help you locate an appropriate small, medium or large business security system. Needless to say, you will need a company that offers the best installation service, and you want to be able to choose an intrusion alarm system that includes all of the accessories you need.

How Do You Plan for A Commercial Security System?

When you want to buy a commercial security system, there are few different options to consider. At i2 Security Solutions, we help you with the building security system design, and we will show you how our security installation company has become one of the best in the country. You will see all the business security system accessories that we offer, and you will learn how business security should work.

After you have learned about our company and products, you will get an honest estimate for your job, whether it’s in Wilmington, DE, New Jersey, or Philadelphia. Plus, we tailor the business security solutions specific to your company. We will talk to you about what you want in a small business security system, and you can learn how your business security will be monitored, how to install a new business security system, and how to upgrade your building security system design.

Should You Use Cameras with Your Business Security Solutions?

You may look for CCTV camera installation companies in Philadelphia, and of course, you will be interested to know how our security installation company uses cameras. An intrusion alarm system can help with monitoring along with cameras all over the building, and we will tailor the camera setup to your NJ, Philadelphia, or Wilmington, DE or any other location.

Your commercial security system is a great tool to integrate with cameras because the cameras can be integrated with an intrusion alarm system and building security that we also provide. You can ask our security installation company to add motion sensors to the cameras, and we can also add lights that are triggered by motion sensors.

Plus, a business security system can show you a CCTV video feed of every part of your facility. We will be happy to show you how our camera installations work, and our team can hide most of the cables and wires from the cameras for a clean, professional look. We make sure that your business security is not obvious, but you can have a monitor installed at a business security desk or in other locations of your choice.

What About RFID Readers and Tags?

Does Your Facility Need A Gate?

Your company may occupy a large property in Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, or New Jersey. When you have a big property, you will likely need a barrier lift gate and entrance gate security system in Philadelphia, PA that will allow you to screen everyone who comes onto the property.

Our installation company will measure and install barrier gates and set up cameras by gate if desired. Cameras and the gates will all be tied into your central building security system design. You can see who is at the gate, or you can put a manned or unmanned security station by the gate as well. Our building security system design and installation can include controls at the accessible at the main security desk, and we will install a gate that has the appropriate functions for your company.

You Need A Door Access Control System

Door access control makes it easier for you to protect your Wilmington, DE, Philly, or NJ property. Any good commercial security system should have door sensors and keypads that will only allow certain people in the building. This is especially important when you have a busy facility with people walking in and out of the building all the time.

Door access control system in Philadelphia, Wilmington, or NJ allows you to create the badges or keycards that people need to get in. We handle the installation, and we will show you how to make new keycards when you hire new staff or have visitors.

The business security system is very easy to manage because your security team knows who is allowed in the building or not. Plus, you can integrate your commercial security system to any interior doors that might need to be locked down. If certain people are not allowed to enter certain parts of the building, you can use keycards to secure each door.

When you need a business security system, you need to make sure that you have included all of the accessories that make sense for your facility. We can install a commercial security system that does everything you need. Plus, we will make sure that you get all of the support that you need for your small business security system. A small business security system can protect all of the things that you have invested in, and you might even get a discount on your insurance when you have secured your facility with our products.